Iwona Jagodzinska, the founder of High Life, is an Academic English tutor by profession. She has worked in academia since 2008, supporting students with the development of their professional skills such as academic research, writing skills and presentation skills. This has resulted in her developing a research-based approach to making cosmetics, which places a strong emphasis on the quality of ingredients and an awareness of their possible effect on human skin. Thus, quality rather than profit making plays an important role for High Life.

Apart form working as an academic tutor, she has a range of interests and passions. These include rock climbing which is her greatest hobby. It takes her to many spectacular places around the world to explore and learn about them. Her favourite type of climbing is deep water soloing but she would not shy away from trad routes or having fun on sport ones. Road biking and swimming are also important in her life. She cycled on a number of European cycle routes through summer seasons. Finally, doing yoga and hiking are also among the activities that she particularly enjoys.

Iwona cares about healthy lifestyle, food, skin care and the environment. Consuming as much unprocessed food as possible and using only chemical free cosmetics made from high quality ingredients is incredibly important for her. Making cosmetics is not only a passion but her lifestyle. Sourcing locally, supporting local businesses and minimising the use of plastic to zero in her product production is crucial.