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Why should you take care of your skin?

Skin facts
Skin is the largest organ of the human body which renews itself every 28 days. Your skin constantly sheds dead cells, about 30,000 to 40,000 cells every minute. This is also the heaviest organ as it constitutes 16% of the total body mass. It acts like a shield which protects us from several harmful external factors and its shades depends on the content of melanin. The adaptation to different levels of UV light dictates the skin colour and shade. In addition, acne is the most common skin condition which may affect even up to 85% of people at some point of their lives. Our skin is responsible for vitamin D3 synthesis which helps to regulate mood and wards off depression.

Skin care
Taking care of your skin from both inside as well as outside is equally important. So, balanced diet, eating a variety of fruit and vegetables and avoiding processed food is crucial. Also, applying natural and beneficial ingredients that can be either found in the kitchen or easily purchased on-line nowadays may help skin regeneration and hydration. This includes a wide range of natural cold pressed, preferably organic and unrefined oils such as apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil or shea butter, which when applied regularly may dramatically slow down skin aging process. When it comes to hydration, drinking approximately 2 litres of water or herbal teas helps to maintain healthy skin.
Avoiding harsh chemicals in cosmetics or detergents and others chemically laced everyday products plays an important role in keeping our skin healthy and glowing. The less chemical, the better. Some harmful elements can penetrate our skin and affect our health. There are a number of scare statistics running about on the internet that state our bodies absorb a tremendous amount of topically applied chemicals. The best advice here is to buy or even make yourself (if you can be bothered) products that contain natural and beneficial ingredients to our skin and overall health.
Exercising is another important factor in maintaining healthy skin. Being physically active can knock off a few years in the way we look and boost our immune system. What is worth remembering, it is not only our body that we could exercise but also our faces. Face yoga or fitness is an excellent way of improving face skin condition as well as acts as wrinkle prevention. Finally, letting your skin breathe and having a cosmetic detox, which is a make-up, face wash or hair styling free day, at least once a week can make a difference.

Stay healthy!