Our Ethics

Nature means a lot to me. This is where I unwind, recharge and feel fully alive. It can also offer the best quality elements to maintain our health and wellbeing, this is why my products are made of natural ingredients. However, my journey into making cosmetics did not happen completely by accident. I used to struggle with skin allergies, irritations and constantly fighting spots on my face, it seemed like a never ending battle. Despite being prescribed different medications from dermatologists, the problems did not go away. I spent a long time trying to cure my skin and I spent a fortune on prescriptions not to mention numerous lotions, each time feeling less and less hopeful to clear it. Then my grandmother recommended using freshly squeezed aloe vera on my irritated skin repeatedly to calm it down and sooth the inflamed areas. To my surprise, it worked and it was so easily accessible. This made me revaluate the way pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries work and what exactly goes into their products. I came to the conclusion that many companies only care about making profit not the wellbeing of their customers. Also, some ingredients used by cosmetic companies are not beneficial for human skin including polyethylene or sodium lauryl sulphate (micro beads).

I started researching how various natural ingredients influence human skin, how they interact with different types of skin and how they can be applied for particular skin conditions. This inspired me to produce a range of natural cosmetics for myself first then friends and family. Having received a lot of positive feedback, I thought that I can turn my passion into a small business and share my products with many more people who care about their skin and understand that natural ingredients work exceptionally well in skin hydration and repair.

The ingredients I select for my creams are not only natural but unprocessed and mostly organic so they maintain the best possible quality. There are no additives or water to dilute them. High quality is a focal point for High Life not to make more profit on my products. In addition, my aim is to help people feel better in their own skin, which contributes to a better quality of life. Whether they are climbers or builders who use their hands to work or follow their passions, skin is significant to all of us.

Another important aspect in my cream making is care for the environment. Therefore, I select locally made ingredients that do not need to be transported across the world and maintain their freshness. The only exception is organic cold pressed aloe vera gel that I purchase from a farm in Texas. This is because there are no aloe vera farms in the UK, also their quality is supreme. Additionally, High Life is against animal cruelty and our products are not tested on animals but human volunteers.

Aromatherapy is also very important in my life as it has been always worked for me in terms of mood enhancement. This could be the uplifting effect of certain essential oils or their calming and soothing scents. It is scientifically proved that some scents affect the way we feel and can stimulate our spirits. Many of these oils are also proven to have beneficial effects on human skin. As a result, I decided to combine cream making with the positive effects of essential oil on both skin and mood. Creating well balanced and harmonious scent may take some time but it is all worth it when you find that perfect one.