Our History

  • 2009- experimenting with light weight, non-comedogenic face lotions to combat blackheads and acne, my skin slowly clears up
  • 2010- creating non-comeodogenic yet moisturising face lotions, my skin is healed and well moisturised
  • 2011- expanding my interest in natural cosmetic production, starting making body butters, body scrubs, shower gels, face washes, toners, gel hand soaps, sunscreens based on all natural and organic ingredients for my own use
  • 2012- making creams, body butters, shower gels and face washes for friends and family
  • 2016- experimenting with different varieties of hand creams to create two supreme versions of gender neutral scented creams
  • 2017- producing and handing out large numbers of two versions of hand creams and giving them out to the public so they can try them out and offer their feedback
  • 2018- starting my small business, making hand creams for people working with their hands